Monday, january 02 2023 new old tune !

Wednesday, november 16 2022 adagio in bm

Monday, november 29 2021 back to lille
gare saint saveur, lille Sunday, december 05 18.00 uur

More info here"

Thursday, september 23 2021 home demo - gone


Monday, april 13 2020 please (stay at home)


Tuesday, september 10 2019 lmtd edition vinyl out now!

Tuesday, june 18 2019 schuum !

Monday, march 25 2019 first reviews - new record

The first reviews of the album have been really positive. We are really happy and grateful to all the people who took the time out to write about it.

“Away With Birds is een verslavend album wat me diep weet te raken en behoort ongetwijfeld voor mij tot de fraaiste releases wat 2019 zal gaan brengen.” – Johnny’s Garden

“Mooie harmonische vocalen die sturen tegen wat kan en niet officieel mag. Maar klinkt als een klok.” – Mpodia

“Een album dat rauw en tegelijkertijd ook speels is met herkenbare teksten uit het leven gegrepen.” – Rootsville

“Het album “Away With Birds” van Pat en John Carrie is zeker een aanrader voor elke rechtgeaarde liefhebber van de betere folkmuziek.”
- Rootstime

Friday, march 22 2019 fortune - away with birds

Tuesday, march 19 2019 order your vinyl here

Do you want a vinyl version of our new record. Then just click here

Friday, march 01 2019 new album coming soon !

Friday, june 22 2018 live on radio gelderland

Friday, february 02 2018 timboektoe this sunday !

For more info check it out here

Saturday, june 03 2017 smkmrkt pinkster festival

this monday at the vasim. check it out here

Tuesday, march 29 2016 You Got Away - new single !

Thursday, november 26 2015 muziek bij de buren 2015

Nu de matches bekend zijn gemaakt kunnen we ze ook eindelijk met jullie delen. Te beginnen met: John CarrieEerlijke,…

Posted by Muziek bij de Buren Nijmegen on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Friday, april 10 2015 beste buren festival 2015

We’ll be doing an intimate livingroom gig this month as part of the best buren festival. Thanks to Kees for inviting us to play. You can find details for the festival here"

Monday, march 16 2015 new record

We are working hard on the release of our new record and video clip which we hope to release very soon. Watch this space !
Meanwhile a track from Shy Away from 2012…enjoy !

Friday, september 05 2014 lve in lille

Saturday Sept 13th we’re back n Lille for a show at Le Biplan
Check it out “here

Tuesday, october 22 2013 please denver !

Monday, august 26 2013 green river

Monday, june 24 2013 wilder eyes

Tuesday, may 28 2013 french review shy away

French review of ‘Shy Away’ :

Shy Away
Skin Peel Records
On retrouve notre très sympathique JOHN CARRIE
avec un nouvel album et ici seul. Dès les premiers
accords, on se laisse tout simplement immerger puis
on prend le temps d’être conquis. Il prend bien le
temps de poser son chant avec harmonie sur des mé-
lodies poignantes. On prend vraiment un réel plaisir
très attentif à écouter chaque titre avec attention.
Les changements qu’on y ressent : une grande sensibilité et une musique plus minimaliste, mais loin
d’être aussi simpliste. Il y a un travail sur la finesse
dans laquelle il a su implanter une atmosphère bien
à lui. On se délecte en écoutant “Coming Back To
Life”, “Killer Blows”, “All These Dark Colours”, “Split
Wide Open”, “Reason To Run”, “You Are My Sky”,
“Wintersun” ! JOhN CARRIE sort ici un disque de
songwritter des plus atypique, sensuel, humble et dé-
finitivement envoûtant !
Gregory SMETS

Thursday, february 28 2013 live in paris

Tuesday, february 12 2013 valenciennes ce soir

Thursday, october 25 2012 shy away on itunes

Shy Away is available on Itunes here

Wednesday, october 24 2012 cbtl

Friday, september 21 2012 reviews shy away

First reviews of Shy Away
ASP here
Indiestyle Belgium here
Podium info here
MusicFrom here
Blog from the U.S here

Thursday, september 13 2012 lille

Tomorrow we’re back in Lille at Le Biplan

Looking foward to the show !!

Saturday, september 01 2012 release show

Tickets are now on sale for the Paradiso release show here

Have a nice week-end !

Saturday, august 04 2012 paradiso w/ xavier rudd

this coming tuesday i’ll be supporting the multi talented xavier rudd at paradiso in amsterdam.
should be a great evening!

Friday, march 09 2012 thanks !

just off stage at fenix..thanks to the great people of sittard for a hospitable reception and blaudzun for a great invite to play !

Saturday, december 24 2011 peas on earth

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2012.Thanks for supporting us in 2011 and see you in 2012 somewhere soon!

Thursday, december 08 2011 live with paul personne

Live on stage in Cleon with Paul Personne and A L’Ouest.A great honour to share the stage with such good musicians and really good guys !!

Wednesday, november 09 2011 club canape nijmegen

tickets are available here

Tuesday, november 08 2011 live in toulouse 05/11/11

Thursday, october 20 2011 legend

Two great shows with Paul Personne and his band A l’Ouest in France…legendary !!

Monday, september 19 2011 live in france

Tuesday, july 19 2011 paul personne tour

john will be touring in october/november through france with french guitar legend paul personne.

it’s a great honour to be invited to play with such a talented artist and a real nice guy too !
meanwhile the whole band will be back in amsterdam for a show in september at paradiso’ new location bitterzoet.

enjoy the holidays !!

Friday, june 24 2011 3 nights at the olympia

Next week i’ll be performing at the Olympia, one of the most beautiful venues in Paris, for three nights starting wednesday.

And there will be some exciting news to follow next week…keep an ear to the ground !

Tuesday, may 17 2011 here

Friday, april 01 2011 merci lille

Thursday, march 31 2011 download our music here :

Saturday, march 19 2011 fear is your only dog

thanks for checking in and checking us out.our music is up there on iTunes and all the other major download sites and if ya still want the good ol’ cd version then let us know and we’ll send out the mule.

Peas and Love

Wednesday, february 23 2011 home

This week-end we’re off to Ireland for a couple of shows.On thursday night we’ll be at Whelans with local Dublin band Novastone and singer-siongwriter Pat Carrie playing some of their fine songs too.
On Sunday it’s off to Limerick for a show at Dolans with a young Cork based band called Hush.Warcry.
Looking foward to a few pints of the good stuff too.

Saturday, january 01 2011 happy new year !!

thanks for listening and we wish you all the best in 2011..

Monday, october 11 2010 live in france

Friday, september 03 2010 out on the edges

Hi all – this coming week-end we’re at The Amsterdam Fringe Festival in Theater Bellevue and Sunday at Rapa Nui where the ground meets the sea – cool that rhymes!!

Friday, august 27 2010 almost cut my hair

This Sunday you’ll catch us performing for The Uitmarkt at Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam.It’s also part of The Amsterdam Fringe Festival.We’ll all be sporting mullets of course…Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, july 14 2010 hot in the city

Thanks to all the great energy we got from the good folk of Utrecht and Nijmegen in the last two nights.Two great shows with Xavier Rudd and his wicked partners in crime Izintaba.Lovely guys,great musicians and an inspiring few days in all.
Talk soon.

Monday, june 28 2010 tolhuistown

Nice show yesterday at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.Great weather and a great place to enjoy it ! Gary was a bit confused with the time of year and arrived with a red Santa hat…‘hottest Christmas on record’ according to

Friday, june 25 2010 tolhuistuin - the line up

Come along this sunday and enjoy Hollands best in these wonderful lush surroundings. Just opposite Central Station, damage only 6 euros.

19.00 – 19.30 Secret Love Parade
19.45 – 20.15 Awkward I
20.30 – 21.00 Blaudzun
21.15 – 21.45 John Carrie & Moor Green
22.00 – 22.30 El Pino & the Volunteers

See you there!

Wednesday, june 23 2010 singin' in the rain

Great week-end in La Touquet and Montreuil for La Fete de la Musique.The rain came and stopped our show a couple of times wimbeldon style but we managed to get there in the end without any serious electrocutions…Karl did lose a few fingers and Sjoerd’s homemade Italian shoes got very wet.
We closed the week-end with an instore at the fnac megastore in Lille which was the best Mondays i’ve had for a while….thanks Ginko!!

Tuesday, june 22 2010 en france

We burst into picturesque Le Toucquet and immediately got to work, getting in the way of the Natural Misfits who were setting up the stage, bravely soldiering on in the face of no gaffa tape. Happily however they did bring a couple of tarpaulins which came in very handy as we were treated to some refreshing if rather heavy showers forcing us to break the set into two unequal parts, but no problem, that simply gave the assembled crowd time to synchronize their dance moves and happily things dried out as Natural Misfits took the stage – thanks to Jay Louie and Yves for taking care of the technical aspects and for a blistering performance into the small hours.

Day two and we rolled into Montreuil and started to set up at the local cinema. After some initial concerns, Wishbone kindly lent us their drumkit (cheers Gary) and we proceeded to do the usual JCMG stuff, ironically, we were playing indoors this time and the weather held; Curse you Thor! The evening was nicely rounded off with an impromptu performance from entirely sober guitar maverick Rob Sawyer and some frankly marvellous whiskey, but early to bed tonight because we’re up at 8 to get on the road to Lille.

Ah holidays, how swiftly they disappear from under you. A very pleasant lunch and then some great tunes from the Wishbone and Willy and the Bandits at Lille’s FNAC record store where a polite but enthusiastic crowd welcomed us into their bosoms once again outside the sun shone but happily that didn’t discourage the assembled throng and we played to a full house. Then once again we bump started the tourbus and started the long drive wearily but cheerily to the loving arms of mother Amsterdam.

Thanks to GG, Perrine, Ann, Thierry, René and Eric from the Ginko Music crew and everyone else who made it such a delight to play once again in la belle France, anyway you know who you are:) I understand that pictures will be available on buckface or some similar socialist nut workers’ site shortly.

Tuesday, june 15 2010 inside out in france again

This coming weekend the band is back in full swing after a far too long break to appear at some lovely outdoor festivals in France and on Monday we’ll be doing an instore at the fnac megastore in Lille to promote the new album and push inevitably ( more like a wobble ) toward world domination…(i took that last bit from Flash Gordon).

Saturday, june 12 2010 vive la france

Great fun in France.Thanks to crowds who came to help me out and to the Cranberries and their hard working crew for being very cool.

Monday, june 07 2010 zombie

Thanks to all the French audiences for their warm reactions here in France.Tonights show in Rennes should be fun.A few days off and then back for three more shows with The Cranberries.
I`ll sleep when i`m dead !!!

Sunday, june 06 2010 leaving now - live in tours

Sunday, june 06 2010 bonsoir france!

Where’s the door to the other dimension, where’s the magic hoola baloop. Journeying from mid-france, to the north of holland and back to the deep south heat of Montpellier. Why? Cause it’s Cranberrie week, hurrah!!!

Trains, plains and automobiles will provide sufficient time for new songwriting too. So, John does 7 supports for Limericks very own Cranberries and gets the mileage in too. Irish night in France and the crowd is loving it, check out the Ginko music footage on youtube.

Tomorrow, monday the 7th the roadshow moves to Rennes, La Liberté showtime at 8pm.
Back on the 11th friday in Normandy, Rouen at the Zenith 8pm.
And saturday the 12th landinward to Amiens, Zenith again 8pm.

Then the weekend after John returns to France with the full band to play at the annual “Fete de la Musique”. Saturday 19 th of june in Le Touquet (Paris Beach) at 8pm, sunday the 20th in "Montreuil-sur-mer at 6pm and monday at FNAC Records Megastore in Lille at 4.30pm.

Monday, may 31 2010 4 songs, 3 guys, 2 meters

And 1 bottle of beer in one picture! We had a great time meeting Jan Douwe Kroeske at the KINK FM studios in Hilversum. We played 4 tracks, hopefully available for download soon!

Wednesday, may 26 2010 2meter sessie

Tomorrow night we’ll be live in the Kink Fm studios with Jan Douwe Kroeske for a short interview (around 2 meters) and four live tunes (which will also be around 2 meters long).
Sjoerd our piano player is around 2 meters long too.
The rest of the band think in feet and inches.
Anyhow you can tune in at from around 22.00.

Saturday, may 22 2010 the dragons den

Tomorrow you’ll catch John at Ruigoord for the ‘Vurige Tongen’ festival.There’ll be plenty of sunshine and fiery tongues to blast you through the afternoon.
It also guest stars Pat Carrie – check him out too!!
Now where was that dragon outfit…?

Wednesday, may 19 2010 paris in the spring

Tomorrow night i’ll be supporting Natalie Merchant at l’Alhambra in Paris.Looking foward to the trip.There’s so many beautiful gggg…great old buildings there.

Friday, may 07 2010 saucy in sassenheim

Well Queensday was once more upon us and so after we’d been out all morning shopping for novelty spoons, mini-tables and movies on VHS, we loaded up and headed for Sassenheim. We were the second band in an interesting line-up.We missed Gary thumping the tubs but we just about managed to hold it together,sadly our attempts to get the crowd to keep time by clapping weren’t too successful and managed to get
through the set on a sunny if windy afternoon.
Then because it was Queen’s day we hung around watched the other bands and had too many beers.Thanks to the guys from the Twee Wezens for supplying plenty of it.

Kiss smiley face

Monday, april 19 2010 velvet not so underground

Wow, it’s been a long day, but a lot of fun with our two Velvet instores on record store day. Frank in Amsterdam and Jurgen in Delft took great care of us. We had great enthusiastic crowds at both stores, who may have been there primarily to enjoy the unseasonably pleasant spring weather, but were nonetheless good enough to jolly us along with shouts of encouragement and if not full on dancing at least a glimmer of a shimmy which as you know is enough to spur us on. Thanks everyone who showed up and to Velvet for putting up with our high maintenance rock and roll demands (no brown m&ms and 2 goats backstage, no questions asked).

A good day.


kiss smiley face

Saturday, april 17 2010 release gig concerto

Hauling up onto the Utrechtsestraat is seldom easy, less so during rush hour on a Friday with a ton of gear. So firstly sorry for bawling at Gary from the car as we passed him in the street. When we arrived though, there was a cold beer waiting for which we must thank Dirk and the whole Concerto crew. Our stated aim was to ruin the whole day for everyone by preventing them from buying pop music by artists listed M-P.

We almost succeeded, but when we saw we were losing we decided to play a tidy half hour set for the 30 or so people who managed to make it along. Then we hung around and browsed through their DVD collection. I really must buy fewer Norwegian art movies and focus more on my puppet movies, anyway, I digress, fun fun fun. Thanks for showing up, unless you didn’t. This time we forgive you.

kiss smiley face


Thursday, april 15 2010 concerto instore
concerto, Amsterdam Friday, april 16

We’re celebrating the national release of Clearing Air with a little instore gig at Concerto in the Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam. Plugging in at 17.30. Catch us there and get a signed copy!

Tuesday, april 13 2010 delft open air this saturday
velvet record stores, Delft and Amsterdam Saturday, april 17 19.30

Saturday 17th is record store day, and as recording artists we see it as our duty to promote the few good records stores left. We’re playing at Velvet Amsterdam at the Rozengracht in the afternoon and later at Velvet Delft, sharing the stage with Bettie Serveert, Ella Bandita and Turin Brakes. Come to the show and support this wonderful initiative!

kiss smiley face

Monday, april 12 2010 jumpin' jack flash
magneetfesival, amsterdam Sunday, april 11 somewhere between noon and midnight

Four minutes to set up, sound check and start the show. The crowd resembles a sea of Harlequins stomping the floor, hungry to be launched into movement. Welcome to the first edition of The Magneet Festival – Hollands very own ‘Burning Man’. Terry Gilliam could have been directing this colourful affair. Even Sjoerd our keys player didn’t escape the glitter and stick-on-feathers.

Showtime and our sombre tunes are thrown out the window and full throttle kicks in, so fast I’m not sure what we’re playing. The sound onstage swirls and throws up waves of dizzy noise. Within what seems like seconds our set is finished and i’m not sure if it happened at all – what did they put in our drinks?. We play an encore to a screaming hall, (half of which has joined us on stage) and my jump in the air rock and roll moment ends in a slip and crash into the bass amp.

A magical mystery tour of a Sunday and a sore elbow. Better jump next time!


Sunday, april 11 2010 it's a single!

But promo only. Cover looks sharp though. Listen to the radiooo

Tuesday, april 06 2010 merci paris!

There’s two sides of John Carrie. The folk rocking troubadour with his backing band Moor Green and the more intimate solo side.

Yesterday night the latter incarnation of John Carrie (who opened earlier in France for Madeleine Peyroux and Scott Matthews) was awaited in the magnificent Olympia Theatre in the Boulevard des Capucines alongside headline act Lisa Ekdahl.

Through the insanity of Paris traffic and negotiating many backstreets we arrived at the theatre just before the sound check, only one hour until show-time. Half an hour later and the auditorium had begun to fill and when the roughly 2,500 guests had taken their places John appeared on the stage.

In his best French, he joked about the recent controversial rugby and football matches between Ireland and France and then opened with the title song of the new album, Clearing Air. The audience was carried away from the beginning and the spell was broken only, after the fifth track when John pulled out his camera to capture his audience provoking a murmur of laughter.

John played two newer songs and then left the stage. Twenty minutes change-over time for Lisa Ekdahl and John and I up walked through the auditorium towards the foyer. As soon as he was spotted by the guests, John received a standing ovation. An excellent experience in a beautiful magical theatre.

(driver and member of the audience)

Saturday, april 03 2010 extra show
L'Olympia, Paris Monday, april 05 8pm

John will perform solo at L’Olympia Paris, mondaynight april 5 supporting Lisa Ekdahl, starts at 8pm

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