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Away with birds vinyl Gdhfbctufvdjecbcs
Linited edition vinyl € 20.00
cross the line clearing air Estgvfaarrvagive
1.Clearing Air PLAY
2.Green Think Tank PLAY
3.Sewn Up PLAY
4.Heal The Scrapes PLAY
5.The Best PLAY
6.Leaving Now PLAY
7.Fists Can Fly PLAY
8.Easy Chew PLAY
9.Past The Point PLAY
10.Ease My Mind PLAY
11.Little Feats PLAY
Clearing Air CD € 8.99
Our latest offering with again some solo ballads and experimentation with new instruments (theremin, ewi and Garys' knuckles on a washboard!) and musical styles – like the drum'n bass orientated Fists Can Fly. Recorded in three days, it's pretty raw and honest and we tried to take our musical experience a bit further, particularly as a band/unit. Anger, joy, humour, silliness, intensity and love squashed into fourteen musical voyages.
signed by the band! folk is not happy Estgvfaasdgjrbwui
1.Today PLAY
2.Head Down PLAY
3.The Space Between PLAY
4.Over And Over PLAY
5.A Broken Toast PLAY
6.Autumn PLAY
7.Only Love PLAY
8.Back To The Sea PLAY
9.Small Change PLAY
10.Turning Again PLAY
11.Please PLAY
Folk is not happy CD € 8.99
The debut album from 2007 and first musical excursion as a band. Some of the songs on this album were already years old. Others, like A Broken Toast came together a day or two before the recording session. Remko Schouten engineered the album and the musical style varies from pop-rock to singer-songwriter with a pinch of reggae for good taste. The album was received well in the press and gave us courage and energy to continue our journey as a band.
shy away Fcfahsecbhfgfbgcf
out now ! € 9.99
my first solo album recorded in a small attic studio in Amsterdam in 2012. The songs are more intimate and intricate, i guess due to the manner in which they were recorded. I dedicate the songs on this record to some of my musical heroes like Nick Drake and John Martyn. Their music was a big inspiration for me for this project. Check out youtube for some samples.
folk is not happy T-shirts Fcdbituhedwatcgji
Mens T-shirt € 9.99
Men's shirts are available in S,M,L,XL and XXL. Available in navy blue only (see photo) Stocks are limited. Contact us for postal costs.
folk is not happy Womens T-shirt Fcdbituhjjsujbbdr
Women's t-shirt € 9.99
Women's t-shirts are available in sky blue colour only (see photo). We have large and small sizes. Stocks are limited. Contact us for postal rates.
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